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A company memo was sent out today stating there is no fraternization amongst management and employees allowed. “So that means you can’t date anyone or meat up with your co-workers? That’s stupid,” says Johnny. “But what if I were to rub on you and game with your nipples, isn’t that distracting from work?” asks Krys. “Yeah,” says Johnny, “but it’s nice…” company employee 2011-07-21 1:10
These two young boys wet up the locker room with a nice fuck. college fuck 2012-02-09 2:15
Wilde is just about right! Our rugged cool recruit Christian has a super time in his outside solo video. Stroking that awesome handle with absolute skill, he shows us why he's become one of the hottest properties in the xxx world. From his huge dicked tool to that delicious body, he's a performer you're going to kill to get your hands on. outdoor solo 2012-07-08 2:00
Sophomores Luke Allen and Kurt Summers are bummed that they aren't going to get to be roommates like last year. They're particularly sad resulting from they were such good "cuddle buddies" and now when it's time for lights out they won't be able to crawl into each others beds. Kurt optimism brings Luke into better spirits, "Well... we'll still have time to cuddle, I mean you're roommates aren't here right now." The two young guys go in for a wonderful make out session "just like aged times." And only like aged times these two are stripping down to their occasion suits. It's deeply swallowing and ball to ass pumping that has these cuddle guys reaching fresh bases in their dorm bedroom relationship. Starring: Luke Allen, Kurt Summers buddy roommate 2012-04-29 1:58
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Runaway Beloveds (Part 2) - Derrick Porter and his lover in crime are trying to shoplift some cute thong to try on later. Their plan is foiled when they get caught filling underwear into their pants. Instead of calling the cops, this store clerk knows how to teach these boys not to steal. Grabbing the thong from the shoplifter's pants, store clerk Blade begins rubbing Blake's smooth twink dick. The three start making out and one thing leads to another. Flip flopping swallowing and fucking. Derrick tops both of these super twinks and Blake is left to grab their eager loads! Starring: Derrick Porter, Blake Elliott, Blade Woods sticky finger 2012-05-13 6:21
Nicoli has been away at coeds and David cannot believe his eyes at how lots his brother's buddy has grown into such a handsome guy. While playing take up, conversation stoops to "Guess what I've been doing at the dorm." Nicoli has embraced the theory that coeds is the place for experimentation, but what begins in school stays with you for the rest of your life. Looks like someone is receiving "head of the class" a small too literally. place life 2011-07-21 1:00
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While his milf is at class, Jake Metallic calls his pizza place and asks for the usual. Pepperoni, extra cheese, and a hot 3some with Alex Andrews & Jacob Marteny! threesome hot 2013-05-17 1:58
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Talk about a stairway to ebony heaven! This group-fucked of thugs arrive together on a staircase barely huge enough to contain the expanding number of ass-bangers that take part. Their oiled-up, chiseled bodies shine under the lights so you can watch every individual husky as they screw each other senseless. This is an orgy not to be missed. gangbang black 2012-07-09 1:36
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Jacob Dixon and Dylan Hall don't need words to tell us how much they are into each other, you may see the craving in their eyes. Watch prettty-boy Dylan handle Jacob's 9 1/2 inches like a champ. Be ready to get sweety when watching Jacob's smooth chest and abs as he pumps Dylan's perfect ass. Starring: Dylan Hall, Jacob Dixon twink big dick 2013-10-19 2:11
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Awesome poolboy Andrew Stark isn't watching what he's executing and knocks Jessie Colter (and his phone!) into the pool. Jessie is outraged and demands Andrew make it up to him in Fuck My Hole style! men fuck 2012-09-30 2:03
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Jake is the arrogant "tough guy" on the team that the coach just cannot stand. Team captain Jeremy, pretty much feels the same way, but at least he can wrestle the dude into submission when he gets on his nerves. Today is no exception, as Jake showed up so late for practice, he missed it completely. Nothing puts a smart ass in his place like a head-lock, but this submission keep puts Jake's head on Jeremy's cock. team coach 2011-07-21 1:00
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Angelic looking Jake Cody is in for more then he could imagine when he is found in The Mill by the amazingly sexy Luke Desmond. Luke starts to assert his dominance on Jake by shaving away his pubic hair making his boyish looks even more prominent. Once Jakes manhood has been stripped Luke starts the natural fun and its not long before Jake is taking Luke's oversized dick hard and quickly up his ass. sexy fuck 2011-10-11 2:00
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What do you do if you're frat and perpetually horny and your older partner is asleep? Well, you begin gaming with yourself, and then you wake up your bro for few action. For few banging of his old tight ass, that is. If you like the males who like to take control, you'll love this tight model right here waking up his geezer partner and just slamming his tool into him. The plump older guy's cunt got sore from all the rigid dicking and then the boy glazed that backdoor with his candy creamy cum. gay mature 2013-03-19 2:00
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